Terms & Conditions

  1.  By clicking on 'Rent now' you agree to pay an initial rental payment in advance as first months rent
  2.  Your PayPal account/credit card will be debited the agreed rental amount every month
  3.  You will be charged £20 for a declined payment. Please keep your payment card updated inorder to avoid declined payments 
  4.  You are renting the piano therefore the piano belongs to RDP
  5.  You are required to give RDP at least 2 weeks about the termination of rental
  6.  It is your responsibility to keep the piano in good condition
  7.  If the rented piano is stolen, lost, damaged beyond repair or destroyed you are liable to RDP for the fair market value as of the time is stolen, lost, damaged beyond repair or destroyed. You can protect the rented piano against any damage if you buy our insurance. The insurance does not pretect against theft.
  8.  You agree to keep the piano in your possession at the given location.
  9.  If you change your address/move and decide to take the piano you are required to inform RDP and provide a new address.
  10. You may not sell, sublease or sell the piano.
  11.  The piano will not be considered returned until it is in the possession of an authorized representative therefore you are not allowed to cancel monthly subscription before piano is returned.
  12.  You agree to pay a delivery fee directly to the driver after agreeing to the quote
  13.  These are the entire terms and conditions. No oral statements or agreements will be valid or binding on you or us.
  14.  You agree to these terms and conditions by ticking the box before you rent the piano.